Toronto Bus Driver Harassed: Unsettling Incident Spurs Review of Public Transport Safety Measures


On a crisp morning on September 6th, a bustling Toronto intersection bore witness to an unsettling scene. Approximately at 10:45 a.m., a TTC bus driver came to an abrupt stop at the junction of Drewry Avenue and Bathurst Street, attempting to reorient her vehicle. As she prepared to let passengers board, an agitated man dashed across the intersection, wildly pounding on the exterior of the bus, launching a barrage of expletives demanding the driver open the doors.

According to a police release, the driver refused to open the doors in response to the man’s aggressive demeanour. Unabated, the man initiated recording the standoff and positioned himself ominously in front of the bus.

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Shortly after, the irate man managed to gain access to the bus when the driver allowed passengers to disembark. Subsequently, the driver signalled to the remaining passengers that the bus was effectively out of service. The man ultimately left the bus, but not before his tirade cast a pall over the remainder of the day.

Marvin Alfred, president of ATU Local 113, expressed profound dismay at the incident during an interview. Describing the encounter as “horrible” and “absolutely demoralizing,” he conceded finding it challenging to watch the video, which circulated widely, chronicling the man’s verbal onslaught on the driver.

In the video, the man’s tirade veers into territories of discrimination, at times mocking the driver as a ‘welfare recipient’ and asserting that she thinks she’s a ‘gangster’ because she decides who to let on the bus. After the man exited the bus, a fellow passenger stood up for the beleaguered driver while the perpetrator continued to antagonize her from outside the bus. Describing the incident, Alfred emphasized the continuous nature of the verbal assault, noting the profanity, insults, and veiled racism throughout the man’s rant.

Due to an initial lack of emergent response, the assaulted operator had no immediate support on-site. Alfred voiced his dissent for the lack of both police presence and supervisory personnel following the incident, illuminating the driver’s alienation in the aftermath of the harrowing encounter.

An official representative from TTC stated that the event is under investigation. The spokesperson divulged that an injury at a nearby station coincided with the tirade, causing resources and personnel to be deployed there, potentially hindering immediate response to the bus incident. They admitted the need for an assessment of their response strategy, expressing concern and shock while recognizing the vital public service performed by TTC operators.

The targeted operator’s welfare is a priority, with mental health resources and counselling being made available to her by the TTC. Union president Alfred emphasizes the need for more protective resources within the public transportation sector, rooting for measures that prevent future recurrence of such incidents.

In the evening of September 13, the police announced the apprehension of Toronto local, Paul Sampalean, who was subsequently charged with mischief, intimidation, and causing a disturbance. The court proceedings are scheduled at the Toronto Regional Bail Centre.