Top Crypto Analyst Unipcs Projects Dogwifhat Price Surge Amid Meme Coin Supercycle


In the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency, renowned trader and analyst Unipcs, also known as Bonk Guy, voices once again his optimistic forecast for Dogwifhat (WIF), a meme-inspired coin that has been making news. After observing a considerable loss incurred by short traders due to their pessimistic views on this specific meme coin, Unipcs has confidently projected Dogwifhat’s ascent to a price of $10.

In a recent post on the social networking platform X, Unipcs shared his bullish prediction, stating WIF will never fall back to lowly $1. His firm belief stems from the current meme coin supercycle in the market, which, according to him, is responsible for driving the value of meme coins to such unprecedented heights. He also pointed out that WIF shorters were experiencing a grim phase as they “got squeezed hard,” an outcome he considers wholly justified.

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Dogwifhat isn’t the only meme coin that has earned Unipcs’s confidence. An intriguing tale from October 2023 recounts how he put a long on Bonk, one more Meme coin originating from Solana, with a significant amount of $16,000, with the trade still active at the time of his most recent update. His daring move has borne impressive fruits with his unrealized profit peaking at a staggering $13.7 million at one point.

Unipcs’s optimism around these virtual tokens is rather understandable, given the high profile meme coins have gained in recent years. Foreseen as one the leading narratives of this bull run, meme coins have indeed been pulling their weight. Dogwifhat and another meme coin, Pepe (PEPE), are the flag bearers of this year’s crypto market, boasting year-to-date gains of over 1,800% and 1,000%, respectively.

Unipcs’s faith in Dogwifhat is shared by other influential voices within the crypto community. Another crypto trader, known only as ‘Free’, has also made repeated predictions of Dogwifhat’s price hitting $10. ‘Bluntz Capital’, a prominent crypto analyst, echoes this sentiment and is confident the meme coin will surpass PEPE and Shiba Inu (SHIB) in market capitalization.

However, another notable crypto analyst, CrediBULL Crypto, offers a contrary viewpoint. He has expressed his negative outlook for meme coins, including Dogwifhat, and warns of a potential “meme wipeout,” which he believes could take many by surprise. Nonetheless, his bearish prediction doesn’t rule out future optimism when conditions are ripe.

Through a recent YouTube video, CrediBULL Crypto delved into his analysis of Dogwifhat. He recounted his prior prediction, which saw Dogwifhat rising to $3.8 before dipping to $1.6. But in a surprising change of strategy, he shared that even after reaching $3.8, he wouldn’t be shorting Dogwifhat. He plans to wait for Dogwifhat to hit untapped highs within the $4 range, corroborating his bearish stance.

Dogwifhat, at the time of writing, trades at approximately $3, a rise of over 6% within just 24 hours according to CoinMarketCap. As the trading frenzy around meme coins continues, Dogwifhat’s journey ahead promises to be a captivating watch for traders and spectators alike.