Top Coach Dan Hurley Spurns Lakers to Chase Third NCAA Title with Huskies


In a surprising twist of events, Dan Hurley, one of college basketball’s top coaches, has turned down what could only be described as a dream job for many sports enthusiasts. Despite being courted by the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the world’s renowned basketball franchises, Hurley chose to stay put in Connecticut.

The Lakers proposition had seemed tempting enough: an opportunity to coach in the big leagues, the potential to work side-by-side with NBA superstar LeBron James, and a promise of a salary double his current remuneration. However, Hurley declined their offer on Monday, putting an end to days of speculation about his professional future and opting to remain with the Connecticut Huskies in pursuit of a third consecutive NCAA championship.

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The delightful news that Hurley would remain the Huskies’ coach was first reported by ESPN and later announced on social media by Gov. Ned Lamont, much to the relief of Connecticut’s fervent basketball fandom. The state of Connecticut pitched a collective sigh of relief as the coach himself confirmed the decision prior to Monday’s practice, in Storrs, Connecticut.

In a statement distributed by UConn, Hurley expressed his deep humility and pride at having been considered for the esteemed position. “At the end of the day, I am extremely proud of the championship culture we have built at Connecticut,” he said.

In the wake of his decision, the possibility of Hurley snagging a significant pay raise also seems imminent. Gov. Lamont, in fact, assured reporters on Monday that he would attempt to ensure that the valuable coach becomes the top-paid in college circle. This announcement comes just a year after Hurley signed a six-year, whopping $32.1 million deal following the Huskies’ victorious 2023 NCAA triumph.

UConn’s athletic director, David Benedict, expressed his delight at Hurley’s decision and gratitude for his commitment to the UConn basketball program. The news sparked waves of celebration and enthusiasm across the Nutmeg State, with Assistant coach Luke Murray posting a triumphant video of Hurley celebrating the National title.

Despite having been tempted to try his fortunes with a revered NBA franchise and possibly coach the league’s highest scorer, LeBron James, Hurley’s stint in the coaching version of the transfer portal was ephemeral, as he decided to remain at UConn where he delivered two consecutive championships with a resounding 68-11 record.

Hurley’s impressive track record reveals that once he finds his stride, victories are aplenty. Over his professional journey spanning 14 seasons, with four losing seasons at Wagner, Rhode Island, and UConn, his stellar record stands at 241-90, indicating a .728 winning percentage once the initial challenging periods at these spots are discounted.

The enigmatic coach seems set on following a path akin to women’s coach Geno Auriemma, who was signed last week to a five-year extension worth nearly $19 million by UConn. His resolve to maintain a championship culture, bring in talented high school freshmen and add strategically through the portal, was clear when he said, “I don’t think we’re going anywhere.”

Ultimately, the Lakers could not sway Hurley from his long-term commitment to UConn. As the coach gears up to defend his back-to-back NCAA championships and build upon his already impressive legacy, one can only imagine what thrilling victories and accomplishments he has in his sights.