Top 10 Canadian Universities for International Students


Looking for a decent educational establishment in Canada? This country is known to provide top-notch quality education, and to be foreigners-friendly in terms of immigration processes. Prior to starting with your applications, check the 10 worthy Canadian universities that welcome international students.

10 Best Canadian Universities

All the mentioned universities offer great opportunities and a variety of degree programs for any liking. By obtaining a study permit in Canada, you may access education in either English or French, so think in advance about the most convenient language for you. Beyond that, if you have no idea of how to write an application letter, feel free to refer to professional essay services such as Okay, wheels up!

Ryerson University

This Toronto university was established back in 1948. It currently accommodates over 45K students and offers over 100 undergraduate/graduate programs. Ryerson has “born” the largest business school in Canada which is called Ted Rogers School of Management, and the 3-largest engineering school in America. Alongside these specializations, the university has Arts, Communication & Design, Community Services, Science faculties among others. As for sports life, one may join the volleyball, basketball, or soccer teams.

University of Toronto

Toronto University was established back in 1827. This educational establishment is linked to some discoveries in the science field. In particular, it is linked to the research of stem cells, and insulin as well as it is a place where deep learning was studied, and the first black hole was identified. Some of the most popular academics the university offers are Art, Music, Forestry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Law, and Theology faculties. To help students get the most out of studying, the university has a large academic library. As for sports, students may be enrolled in gridiron football, ice hockey, and rowing.

McGill University

The Quebec university was established back in 1821. There are more than 300 programs where students prefer the most Arts, Science, Medicine, and Management faculties. Alongside these faculties, there are Architecture, Computer Science, Dietetics, Physical, and Occupational Therapy schools. As for sports, McGill has over 28 athletic teams, however, the strongest ones are baseball, hockey, and lacrosse.

University of British Columbia

The public university is located in Vancouver, and Kelowna, and was established back in 1908. One of the keys focuses within the university community is sustainability, where students yearly introduce many projects to save ecology. For example, they introduced bottle-free campuses. Regarding the faculties, there are Applied Science, Arts, Business, Forestry, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Studies among others. As for sports teams, there are basketball, rowing, volleyball, and ice hockey. The university also sends its students to every Olympics game where they place high.

McMaster University

This Hamilton university was established back in 1887. There are currently such faculties as Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities among others. McMaster has one of the largest amounts of athletic teams including the major ones – baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, etc. A university is also a great place for research for students, as it has the first university-based reactor where they may proceed with engineering research important for future technologies.

University of Montreal

The Montreal university was established back in 1878. One may be enrolled in the faculties of Dentistry, Art and Science, Education, Environmental Design, Kinesiology, Law, Medicine, Music, Optometry among others. The university has many sports teams including rugby, badminton, Canadian football, cheerleading, golf, etc. Education is offered in the French language.

University of Alberta

This Alberta university was established in 1908. The faculties currently available to students are Business, Law, Arts, Engineering, Kinesiology, Nursing among others. The campus accommodates one of the largest research libraries in North America. As for sports teams, there are basketball, cross-country, curling, football, etc.

University of Ottawa

This Ottawa bilingual university was established in 1848. It is administered by 10 faculties including Medicine, Law, Social Sciences, Management among others. The university has a high focus on sustainability studies and movements to promote eco-friendly initiatives. As for sports teams, there are badminton, volleyball, basketball, swimming, soccer, and martial arts.

University of Waterloo

Waterloo university serves students since 1959. It has a variety of faculties including Health Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Environment, Mathematics, Science. Alongside the faculties, there are schools of Pharmacy, Architecture, Sustainability, Planning, Vision Science, etc. As for sports teams, a student may be enrolled in badminton, baseball, basketball, cross-country, curling, field hockey, figure skating, Canadian football, golf, hockey, Nordic skiing, rugby, soccer, etc.

University of Calgary

The Calgary university was founded in 1966. The university has a close tie to the petroleum and geoscience industry, however, there are also such focus faculties as Medicine, Art, Law, Kinesiology, and Business, etc. As for sports teams, students may access not only ordinary teams but such facilities as climbing walls, fitness and dance studios, and aquatic centers.

Admission Documents for International Students

The essay is only half of the deal, as a university has to validify that a student may continue with education in English or French language. Some universities accept IELTS, C1 Advanced, DALF, DELF, TOEFL, while some are also friendly regarding the Duolingo Certificates.

Alongside the certificate confirming the student’s proficiency in a language, one should also provide:

Graduation diploma or any other certificate confirming the gained knowledge/education;
Resume or CV;
Evidence that shows the student’s financing ability to cover the tuition fees;
At least 2 academic references if one applies for Masters or Doctoral degrees.

Remember, that every document should be again translated into English or French depending on the requirements of one educational establishment. Some universities will also need apostilles for the documents. Learn about it more with a university you apply to.

As you may see there are many universities with a long history and great opportunities. Go to their official websites to learn more about the admission process specific for your country, and decide on the language of studying you prefer. Note, ensure to double-check the deadlines for admission and deadlines for scholarships. Otherwise, overlook the possibility of distance learning available with them.

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