Tips to Keep Your Cuban Links Pristine


A Cuban link is often a signature gold chain you can include in a men’s jewelry set. Typically, it’s an accessory associated with a streetwear outfit, but you can put it on regularly since it’s a versatile item that can complement nearly any event and attire.

It boasts a sparkling shine in a series of linked ovals of metal wire resembling a rope pattern. However, the shine could appear dull over time. Of course, this would happen due to grime build-up on the links. Pollutants like body lotions, makeup, and perfumes cause the accumulation of dirt.

Nature of Cuban Links

As already mentioned, Cuban link bracelets are formed out of any metal—platinum, silver, and gold being the most popular. Practically, gold does not react with other substances. The good thing is it does not rust, and it is not easily destroyed.

However, gold is considered a soft metal. It is particularly susceptible to mechanical destruction like dents and scratches. Most gold Cuban links are indeed made to appear yellow. Gold can be combined with other colored metals to adjust its final color. Copper and gold make rose gold chains, while nickel and palladium or manganese form white gold classes.

While the color is changed with the addition of other metals, it could also be a factor why Cuban links darken over time.

How to Maintain Its Polished Surface

When deposited in a desirable environment for gold, Cuban links can be kept glistening and new. Since Cuban links don’t have intricate arrangements of gemstones, cleaning it is quite uncomplicated.

When you spend on gold jewelry like Cuban links, you’re probably expecting that it would for a long time. Premium Cuban links come in 10K or 14K gold. If you are eager to keep it for a lifetime, you should be willing to perform a cleaning practice on such a valuable item.

Storing a Cuban Link

Make it a habit to wear it in the morning and take it off before sleeping at night. By doing this simple routine, you can avoid undesirable tangles or damages. Never throw it in your drawer. Make sure that you have a dedicated jewelry tray or a velvet-lined box where you can store it during the night.

Usually, its chains are firm so that it won’t get twisted that easily. But when it becomes rigid or tight, you can administer a drop of olive oil on the specific portion where links are stiff.

Washing it with Water

You can place your Cuban link in a wide container containing warm water. Make sure that the links are laid flat, and no portion is twisted. Add a few drops of soft dishwashing liquid and start rubbing the chain with your fingers. You can use a small and smooth brush like a toothbrush with soft bristles. Lightly brush the links without leaving any scratches on its finish.

Baking soda and toothpaste are abrasive materials that could scrape the links instead of polishing them. Next, you can rinse it completely with warm water. Use a soft cloth to dry it. Never use tissues or paper towels to drain the chain because they can leave fibers behind.

Cleaning Stocked Cuban Links

If your Cuban link is stored uncleaned for months, it is expected that there will be a pile of metal tarnish on its loops.

You need to get rid of that first by preparing a glass container with aluminum foil lined in its bottom. Fill it with warm water and add five teaspoons of kitchen salt. Next, wash the links with water and soap. Contaminants should be washed away now. After a few minutes, dip the links in the warm water with salt and let them sit for another 3-5 minutes.

The Vodka Treatment

This is quite simple and effective at the same time. It might sound more of like a tell tale but it actually works. All you have to do is fill a container with the vodka and soak the Cuban links. Leave it for 12 hours and see the magic after. Dry it off, and it will give an impressive finish. However, if the dirt is extremely invasive, let it still for more hours, and use soft brush to scrub it.

An Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner does a good job in polishing accessories, especially ones that are made out of gold. This applies the mechanism of using high-frequency sound waves and chemicals, ultimately creating bubbles that clutch to your Cuban links’ dirt. It is the high-frequency sound waves that draw the tarnish away from the links.

How Often Should You Clean It?

Gold can wear away, especially when subjected to harsh abrasion. You don’t need to clean your Cuban links every day. The prescribed frequency of polishing it is every after a few weeks, let’s say once every two to three weeks.

Additional Tips

Take your cue from the following:

Never Use Harsh Cleaning Agent

Before using soap or any cleaning agent, do a patch test on a piece of spare jewelry. Some cleaning products like bleach can destroy 14k gold jewelry if left in the solution for a day. In the worst cases, gold could get dissolved.

Buy Special Polishing Cloths

Apparently, there is a wide selection of polishing cloths dedicated to different types of metals and gemstones. You can ask your jeweler about the prescribed cleaning cloth so that you can brighten your Cuban links at home with it.

Use Brush with Soft Bristles

Of course, there are special brushes you can buy in the jewelry shops. You can also resort to a toothbrush with soft bristles that can reach small fissures so you can remove hidden grit even in the interior of your Cuban links loops.


It doesn’t take an expert to polish a Cuban link. All you have to do is set a schedule and perform the tips and tricks like a pro. By knowing how to do polishing by yourself, you’ll be able to show off your flawless Cuban links every day like it’s always new.


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