TikTok’s ‘Boy Maths’ Satirizes Gender Stereotypes, Gaining Celebrity Attention and Viral Fame


Where once we experienced the internet phenomenon of ZM’s Fletch, Vaughan, and Hayley’s ‘girl maths’, now comes the era of ‘boy maths’, taking the realm of TikTok by storm. Boy Maths has turned the tables, not justifying purchases as in its female counterpart, but instead validating actions.

In response to the ridicule women received for applying ‘girl maths’ to daily transactions, ‘boy maths’ has emerged, providing a satirical outlook on common male oversight or questionable conduct. An instance circulating on the rebranded platform X (formerly known as Twitter) reads, “Boy math is being 5′10 but rounding it up to 6′0.” Other examples sharpen the sting of wit, including the assertion that, “Boy math is being scared that women are going to use you for money that you don’t have.”

The trend has even seized the interest of influential figures like US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who added her own sardonic contribution, tweeting, “Boy math is needing 15 attempts to count the votes correctly to become Speaker and then shutting down the government nine months later.”

Contrastingly, earlier this year ‘girl maths’, which was popularised by the trio of radio hosts, trended on TikTok after showcasing a segment dealing with shopping quandaries resolved through the application of ‘girl maths’.

To illustrate, if a digital boutique provides free delivery for purchases exceeding $100, ‘girl maths’- adherents would prefer splurging $110 on products instead of spending $70, to avert “wasting” $8 on shipping. Other instances of ‘girl maths’ depict purchasable commodities as smart investments—instead of buying your regular cup of coffee, you’ve saved money. In a more lighthearted vein, TikTok dictates, “Anything under $5 is essentially free.”

Amidst the viral storm, men counteracted with amused gibes at the women-centric mathematics. Members of the Australian podcast ‘Relatable’, Ottie Clarke and Jake Craig, took to TikTok with a whimsical roasting of the female financial methodology.

Referencing ‘girl maths’ concepts, the duo punctuated each recitation with peals of laughter, maintaining they “can’t deal” with such calculations. Clarke quoted a typical ‘girl math’ theorem, “If I don’t buy a beverage today, I’m making money,” to which Craig responded, “What the f**k, bro?”

In spite of the playful jesting, ‘girl maths’ continues to thrive amongst TikTok’s vast community. Thousands of videos under its banner have collectively garnered more than 726.9 million views.

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