TikToker Noel Mulkey’s $16k Bike Mysteriously Disappears on Air Canada Flight


A highly distressed American TikToker and competitive triathlete, Noel Mulkey, has been grappling with uncertainty and frustration after his $16,000 TREK bike went unaccounted for during an Air Canada flight from Europe to Montreal last week. The bike had accompanied the young athlete to the IRONMAN World Championships, held in Nice, France, back on September 10.

The baffling and unsettling disappearance of his expensive bike has compelled the 28-year-old, along with his mother, to incessantly contact the airline for the past six consecutive days. Without any tangible progress or reassuring responses, Mulkey has utilized his popularity – his TikTok account boasts approximately 1.5 million followers – to shine a light on his plight. His videos documenting his ordeal have since garnered an astounding 380,000 views combined in the hopes of inducing Canada’s largest airline to expedite the recovery of his bike.

The treasured belonging was safely packed away within a sizable, vivid green storage box specifically employed for long-haul journeys around the world. Its visible and conspicuous nature multiplied Mulkey’s perplexity, leading him to question, “How do you miss that? It’s a giant, green box.”

As an extension of his participation in the competition, Mulkey had elected to extend his stay in Nice for a mini-vacation. His parents assured him they had responsibly checked in the green box when they flew home before him.

Impressed but later disillusioned by Air Canada’s customer service, Mulkey harbored high hopes that his bike would be swiftly returned once they provided him with a tracking number for a FedEx delivery. However, his expectations were abruptly slashed when only the racing wheels of the bike, which he had packed separately, arrived at his door, the main frame, and training wheels remained conspicuously absent.

Emphasizing the challenging task of securing assistance from Air Canada, Mulkey recounted the frustrating customer service scenario where he was repeatedly put on hold, with calls eventually disconnecting, forcing them to restart the process continuously.

Air Canada responded to the controversy claiming the bike had reached Montreal and would be promptly delivered. However, the unsatisfied athlete firmly reported late Monday that he hadn’t been contacted by the airline yet. This incident adds to a growing list of complaints against Canadian airlines, concerning issues ranging from lost luggage to flight delays and cancellations.

Despite being a seasoned traveler and globally competitive athlete, Mulkey described this event as notably singular in his experience. His mother, Karen Mulkey, further articulated her frustrations, pointing out the prominent green box that contained her son’s bike was not just luggage, but also his source of livelihood.

Mulkey revealed he habitually places an AirTag, a significant tracking tool manufactured by Apple, in the bike box to track its location if mislaid, but regretfully admitted to forgetting to do it this time, admitting it was the moment they desperately needed it.


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