TikTok Star’s Death Linked to Suicide Kits Sold Online by Former Toronto Chef


Louise Nunn, the mother of a well-known TikTok star officially known as “Deaf Immy” with 710,000 followers, is calling for justice following the tragic death of her daughter, which she discovered to be connected to a so-called ‘suicide kit.’ Allegedly sold by a Canadian man, Kenneth Law, the grim toll of deaths potentially tied to his operation now exceeds 100.

Adding to this distressing revelation, further information is coming to light about ongoing investigations into Law’s activities and an employment dispute at the famed Toronto hotel where he had been employed. A new video relating to Law also recently surfaced online.

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Louise expressed her outrage and despair upon learning that her daughter, Imogen, was listed among 88 British people local law enforcement officials claim died within a two-year span after purchasing products from Law’s websites. To Nunn, the immense tragedy is compounded by the fact that many needless deaths may have been preventable if authorities had intervened sooner. “They could have stopped this a long time ago,” Nunn lamented.

This outcry came on Friday, following disclosures made by Britain’s National Crime Agency. They reported that 272 people had acquired suicide-related items from Canadian websites, with 88 of those individuals reported dead. Law, a Mississauga resident and ex-engineer, reportedly ran multiple such websites. The authorities issued warnings about these sites and have initiated charges against Law for aiding and abetting suicide. At the time of his arrest, Peel Police indicated that over 1,200 products associated with Law had been distributed across 40 countries.

Despite the serious allegations, Law, a former chef at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel, maintains his innocence, claiming he is not responsible for how individuals choose to use his products.

Notwithstanding this claim, the National Crime Agency stated that given the Canadian police’s refusal to criminally investigate British deaths, the Agency has been forced to conduct its own independent investigation into potential criminal offences committed within the U.K., an operation which is currently underway.

According to reports, including those from authorities, media, and relatives, the total number of global deaths potentially linked to products sent from Law’s Mississauga postal office connection now stands at 101. The victims hail from diverse backgrounds, with many reportedly being in their 20s. The earliest discovered victim was a 21-year-old man who tragically lost his life in February 2021.

Imogen Nunn, who suffered from long-term mental health issues, was a beacon of resilience and support for her vast TikTok following. She often shared her personal experiences and struggles with hearing and mental health issues, aiming to inspire and encourage others that “it’s OK not to be OK,” as her mother fondly recalls.

Until recently, the cause of Imogen’s sudden passing remained an enigmatic mystery to her family. Only after a detailed toxicology report did officials uncover the presence of sodium nitrite, a preservative chemical used in meat curing with fatal potential in large doses. In an upsetting twist, the police informed Louise that this toxic substance had been traced back to Canada.

Disturbingly, she was notified that her daughter had been found listed in a digital document found on one of Kenneth Law’s electronic devices.

The allegations against Law came as a surprise to his colleagues at Toronto’s Fairmont Royal York Hotel, where he functioned as a chef. As news trickled down about the arrest and subsequent charges, the hotel management took swift action dismissing Law from his duties.

Fascinatingly, his arrest appears to have sparked further controversy, shedding light on an intense turf war between two union factions within the hotel staffing structure. Law had played an active role in this disputation, as demonstrated in a revealed video showing him in a confrontational exchange with union representatives.

One incident since Law’s arrest links him to a case where an employee collapsed suddenly at work. This past event has resurfaced, and a formal complaint has been lodged with the police alleging a connection between Law and this occurrence.

In response to the allegations and subsequent police inquiries, the Fairmont Royal York Hotel clarified that it has not stocked sodium nitrite in its kitchen for over a decade and has undertaken extensive protective measures to ensure employee safety. The hotel management expressed confidence in their ongoing efforts to maintain an exceptional work environment.