TikTok Influencer Sparks Major Disturbance at CF Polo Park, Two Arrested


On a recent Friday evening, an online social gathering in Winnipeg took a troubling turn. Two young individuals were apprehended following what law enforcement described as a ‘major disturbance’. This event was reported to have occurred at CF Polo Park around the third quarter of the evening.

On-site, local law enforcement found themselves dealing with an unexpectedly sizable crowd. As many as a hundred individuals had turned up in the aftermath of an open call arranged via social media.

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Tracing the roots of the gathering led to a local TikToker hailing from Winnipeg. This influential figure of fifty thousand plus followers had extended the invite to gather at the shopping centre.

According to local authorities, the incident spanned roughly half an hour before the group eventually disbanded. Amid the chaos, the two aforementioned youths were nabbed and are presently facing legal binding for unlawful assembly and inciting disturbances.

Thankfully, the Winnipeg Police confirmed that the event concluded without any acts of violence. No reports of injuries, assaults or unlawful weapon use came forth. The apprehended youths were later freed on an adjournment, awaiting their legal proceedings.