Tiesto Cancels Super Bowl Gig, Kaskade Steps Up


In a dramatic turn of events mere days before the spectacle of Super Bowl LVIII, the celebrated DJ Tiesto has made the unexpected announcement that he will not be performing due to an urgent family matter. The announcement, which came as a shock to festival-goers and fans alike, reverberated across social media platforms where the DJ expressed his heartbreak over the matter.

“Me and my team have been preparing something truly special for months, but a personal family emergency is forcing me to return home Sunday morning,” expressed the 55-year-old DJ, whose anticipation to thrill the audience at Allegiant Stadium was palpable through his prior engagements and interviews.

As fans grapple with the news, it has been revealed that another prominent figure in the electronic music scene, Kaskade, is set to step into the spotlight. This marks a groundbreaking moment for Kaskade, who will carry the illustrious title of being the first DJ to provide the soundtrack for the entire event, including featured breaks for the eagerly watching CBS audience.

Kaskade, born Ryan Gary Raddon, has an extensive career highlighted by acclaim, including twice being named “America’s Best DJ.” His excitement about the opportunity to perform at this monumental event is infectious, as he expresses his amazement and thankfulness for this twist of fate that has brought him to perform on such an esteemed stage. For Kaskade, this engagement is akin to a homecoming, symbolizing the fruition of a lifelong journey from an awestruck kid in Chicago to a key figure in the Super Bowl, hosted in a city he has grown to call his second home.

While DJ Tiesto confessed that stepping back from the event was a “tough decision,” he remained resolute that his priority was his family, whose needs take precedence during this challenging time. The specifics of the family emergency remain private, adding a layer of personal solemnity to the announcement.

Despite this last-minute lineup change, Super Bowl LVIII promises an array of captivating performances with a halftime show headlined by Usher, anticipated special guest appearances, and the iconic pre-game traditions featuring celebrated artists Reba McEntire, Post Malone, and Andra Day, each bringing their unique touch to the storied football championship.


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