Tie a blue ribbon in solidarity for our flooded neighbours #flood2017


By Rhonda Massad
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An amazing blog follower suggested we tie a blue ribbon to our wrists and our trees to signify solidarity during these tough times in our community.  Together we are raising funds, food, and shelter.

In the weeks to come, our friends and neighbours who have been devasted will see our support by  this simple gesture and it will remind us and them that they are not alone.

“Maybe in three weeks when you have some work done in your house you can offer a name of a recommended plumber who you know will do good work,” the reader who preferred to remain unnamed said.  “I just don’t want all this good to die out when they need us most.”

It is also a way to show thanks to the Army, Police and Fire Department not to mention the countless volunteers.

Let’s do this West Island. Show your love – tie a blue ribbon to a tree, your wrist to show your community love.


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