Thrill-Seekers Dangle Upside Down at Canada’s Wonderland Ride Malfunction


In an unusual occurrence at Canada’s Wonderland last Saturday night, thrill-seekers suddenly found themselves stuck upside down on the loud Lumberjack ride, their feet wildly dangling in the air. The ride unexpectedly became inverted at around 10:40 p.m.

Despite the alarming situation, the park’s responsive maintenance team quickly swung into action and were able to rectify the issue by 11:05 p.m. The daring but shaken riders were promptly dismounted and examined by on-site medical staff.

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Grace Peacock, a spokesperson for Canada’s Wonderland gave assurances about the well-being of the unfortunate guests via these public comments: “Two people reported experiencing chest pain following the incident. However, after they were attentively seen to at our health centre, they were discharged with no necessity for further medical treatment.”

She concluded by reaffirming the administration’s commitment to their guest’s protection asserting, “The safety of our guests always remains our foremost concern.”

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