Three Charged With Ignoring COVID-19 Protocols, Fleeing From Rural Alberta Police


Three individuals in police custody have been charged with ignoring set COVID-19 protocol and fleeing arrest after they were confronted by rural Alberta Police.

It began in December of last year when Alberta’s Health Services and Police received a report that Countryside gas station, some 55 km from Edmonton wasn’t complying with health protocols, police said via a news post.

Between December and April, AHS, the police, and staff from Occupational Health and Safety did their best to educate the business owner to remedy the gaps in the store to the enhanced employee and public safety.

The three, Hemla, Phillip, and Logan Wilson were taken into custody under Alberta’s Public Health Act.

The three were due to appear at a Vegreville court on the 3rd of May but did not present themselves.

Hemla was charged with issuing threats, but she was nowhere to be found, so a warrant of arrest was issued.

She was later seen driving around on the 7th of June, and police tried to pull her over, but she did not stop.

About 2 day later, Loga, aged 31, was spotted with Hemla in the passenger seat, but they failed to stop. Police later caught them at a neighboring home.

Philip, aged 25, was caught a short while later at location police is yet to disclose.

Logan and Hemla face a number of charges including evading arrest. Philip is staring at charges relating to the public health Act.

Following recent court hearings, the lot was let go on the condition that they would show up for the 28th and 30th of June proceedings.


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