Three Arrested after Ghost Guns Found in Manhattan Day Care Center


In a shocking development, New York City authorities have apprehended three individuals, including two minors, following the discovery of numerous 3D-printed firearms in a Manhattan day care center. Previously, a Bronx day care center had made headlines for all the wrong reasons when a toddler succumbed to an alleged fentanyl overdose, with two more children overdosing at the same location.

Conducted within a home functioning as a family day care unit, the Manhattan operation mirrored its Bronx counterpart, as per the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene’s Executive Deputy Commissioner and Chief Program Officer, Christina Chang. The local police, actively involved in a broad investigation tracking individual manufacturing and sale of unregulated firearms, executed a trio of search warrants at the day care on Tuesday.

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The authorities recovered several 3D-printed firearms, along with the requisite printer and tools, at the East Harlem day care, as disclosed by New York City Police Department’s Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism Bureau, Rebecca Weiner. These undetectable, home-crafted weapons, referred to as “ghost guns”, revealed a distressing reality of children being left at a place presumed safe, which, in fact, harbored covert dangerous activities.

18-year-old Karon Jamal Coley was apprehended for his alleged role in producing these weapons. At this point, it is unknown whether Coley is represented legally. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has charged him with illicit possession of firearms, assault weapon manufacture, and reckless endangerment. The authorities have also arrested two underage individuals, whose names and charges they have opted not to divulge at this time.

The day care operator, Weiner disclosed, is Coley’s mother. The investigation further led to the discovery of an ill-treated and neglected dog at the facility. In February 2021, the day care received its initial license, with the most recent inspection taking place two years later – marking three violations against the center, all pertaining to documentation irregularities.

In September, an incident forced NYPD officers to rush to a Bronx day care center, where three children were found unconscious. Exhaustive efforts by first responders managed to save two of them with a life-saving opioid antidote, Narcan. Tragically, one-year-old Nicholas Dominici was declared dead at a local hospital. Another 2-year-old child was taken to a hospital by their parents, who, having discovered the child lethargic and unresponsive, also underwent treatment for drug exposure.

Law enforcement later found fentanyl in the facility’s nap area and uncovered three kilogram press devices, two in the hallway and one in another room. Additionally, a trap floor containing drugs, including fentanyl, was discovered within the day care center.

Federal lawsuits of conspiracy to distribute narcotics leading to death and possession with intent to distribute narcotics leading to death now plague the day care’s owner and her husband’s cousin. State charges of murder, manslaughter, assault, child endangerment, and controlled substance possession make up additional indictments detailed in court documents.