This Year, Atlantic Summer Vacation In Canada Will Not Be An Easy Thing To Organize


The Atlantic bubble that allowed travel within the four Atlantic provinces without the need for isolation or testing burst in November, and since then, each province has devised its own set of rules.

New Brunswickers have already started planning their vacation. Still, Nova Scotia officials have announced that, even if fully vaccinated, New Brunswickers will have to isolate and get tested before coming to their province.

Premier Iain Rankin is displeased with New Brunswick’s decision to open their borders to all Canadians outside the Atlantic region with no isolation or testing required for those who received one shot of vaccine.

He added:

“It’s regrettable that we have to have something in place with New Brunswick and our own Nova Scotians that are going to New Brunswick and coming back in. But we have to put safety first and I’m not going to take chances.”

Nova Scotia has devised a new plan, stating that people traveling from New Brunswick must complete the Nova Scotia safe check-in form and upload their proof of vaccination before entering the province.

Dr. Robert Strang, Nova Scotia’s chief medical officer of health said:

“One of the key messages … to tell people is that even while they upload proof of vaccination as part of their safe re-entry, they absolutely need to bring that proof of vaccination, whether it’s on a phone electronically or on a piece of paper, because they may well be asked at the border to validate to show that proof of vaccination.”

Ranking and Strang stated that their province will continue to monitor the COVID situation in New Brunswick. They added that, if the situation gets better in New Brunswick, they will be considering lifting the restrictions as well.


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