This N.L Juvenile Reporter Shares an Activity That’s Very Interesting


With the snow finally disappearing, 9-year-old Cameron Jenkins of Carbonear, Newfoundland and Labrador, has found the perfect activity that integrates exercise, exploration, and art.

The boy and his family have a hobby of painting rocks and hiding them along trails and boardwalks in their community. When they leave home for walks, the family not only hides its own rocks, but they also find many other amazing rock arts from other individuals too.

“Sometimes I just like to leave some smiles for people to take because you never know when someone just needs a smile,” said Cameron.

On Your Street: How to get involved

On Your Street is a fun session on SBC N.L where children become reporters, sharing stories and news from their communities.

If there is a child in your life that has a story to share with the series, kindly have them fill this form and submit their report. The SBC N.L production would be glad to share their story to the audience through their Here & Now, their website, as well as social media platforms.


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