Things to Do Together: Top 8 Ways to Have a Great Time with a New Acquaintance


Things to Do Together: Top 8 Ways to Have a Great Time with a New Acquaintance

Even 20 years ago, the leisure time of young couples (and not so young) was very diverse. At a time when the Internet was not so accessible, and only occasionally interesting movies and programs were shown on TV, people found thousands of ways to spend time together — it is not surprising that many of them remember those times with nostalgia. Today, most couples spend their free time at home, sitting on the couch and plunging each in their gadget. How can you diversify your leisure time together?

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How to Spend Time Interesting With Your New Acquaintance

  1. Cooking together. Psychologists all over the world unanimously say that doing such things together significantly brings people together and strengthens relationships. Take advantage of this advice — spend a day or evening with your mail order brides in the kitchen while cooking your favourite dishes, then you can enjoy your meal and smoothly move on to the next level.
  2. Play board games. There are hundreds of options — from classic backgammon or chess to Jenga, monopoly and other games. In words, it may seem boring, but in reality, it is not only very fun but also develops intelligence, helps maintain a sharp mind and teaches you to negotiate in conflict situations.
  3. See the sunrise together. It makes you muse — when you see the rising sun and slowly disappearing stars in the sky, you realize the fleeting nature of each moment.
  4. Tell each other’s fortunes. There are many ways — even on coffee grounds or ordinary playing cards. Both of you can consider all the mysticism and predictions nonsense as much as you like, but divination is a great opportunity to look at your partner’s reaction to different situations that are potentially possible in the future.
  5. Talk about secrets. You probably have some secrets that your new friend doesn’t know about yet. Maybe it’s time to reveal it? In a quiet home environment, you can discuss anything — especially if your chosen one is open to communication and wants to get to know you from all sides as much as possible.
  6. Have an art night. Buy tickets to an exhibition, theatre, opera or ballet, an art gallery, choose your best outfits and go explore the unknown and enjoy classical or modern art.
  7. Visit the flea market. There you can find a lot of inexpensive interesting things with a fascinating history and just expand your horizons.
  8. Watch a documentary about the planet. There are quite a lot of them, and they all show our Earth from the best side. You will be able to see such corners of the planet, the existence of which could only guess. And if you were planning a joint trip, the film may contain hints about a Paradise where you can go and relax alone with nature.

And finally — arrange a night of love. Sex is an integral part of any healthy relationship, so do everything possible so that you and your partner can fully enjoy each other.