Things to Do on a Budget


With summer fast approaching, you might be looking for fun things to do. Currently, people are worrying about money more than ever (see this knowledge hub for helpful info on looking after your money). With a bit of ingenuity, you and your friends can still have some fun days, while keeping things to low or no cost.

Flip the Penny Hike

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Gather your friends and go for a hike in a local, natural area. Using a penny, assign one side to ‘left’ and the other to ‘right’. Any time you reach a junction or fork in the road, flip the penny, and take the allotted path. This can stop simple walks from becoming boring, help you discover new areas in your hometown, and help you get some all-important exercise. This method can be especially great for families with young children who may otherwise be uninterested in going for walks.


While spending your summer working may not sound ideal, it can be a good venture. This can lead to a future job, will look fantastic on any college applications, and can give back to your community. Voluntary work can also help you to appreciate the things you have, and find some compassion for others.

Go to the Park

When was the last time you played on a seesaw or swing? As we reach adulthood, life becomes more about work and money, as opposed to pure fun. Allowing yourself a day of uninhibited play can be great for your body and mind. The exercise from physical play and running around will get your blood pumping, and your mind will enjoy the break and serotonin. Best of all, this is completely free. Be mindful of others using the space, and of any age, height, or weight restrictions.

Go on a Picnic

Pack up some of your favourite foods, grab some friends, and head down to a park or green space. You could use a bench, or opt for a traditional blanket on the grass. Spending a day with people you care about, simply eating food and chatting can be really refreshing. It can be useful to make a ‘no phones’ rule, so everyone becomes present in the moment.

Go on a Bike Ride

If you have a bicycle, helmet, and know how to use both, you could have your next day plan. Cycling is a great form of cardio, and can help you get to and from places without increasing your carbon footprint. Other than helping protect the environment, you will also be able to visit new places, or simply see the sights in your current location. 

While costly activities can be fun, they aren’t necessary to make the most of summer. There is no point in engaging in a plethora of pricey excursions if the only take-away will be mounting debt and credit card bills. By stripping your plans back to basics, you may find a new appreciation for the simpler forms of fun in life.