Thieves rummage through multiple cars in Beaconsfield this weekend


By Rhonda Massad

The Beaconsfield Neighbours for Neighbours Facebook group had several members reporting car break-ins this past weekend. Thieves were reported to have rummaged through several cars on Midland, Redfern and the area east of St. Charles.

“Tonight we were at a dinner party in Beaconsfield, and when we came to leave we noticed that 3 out of the five cars that were parked had been broken into,” said one member of the Facebook group who preferred to remain anonymous. “We then found registration papers and insurance papers on the wet grass all the way down the street. We have reported this to the police, and they said that they had already received a call about this and their suspects are three boys in hoodies.”

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All residents reported that the cars that were broken into were not damaged during the break-ins. Thieves appear to be looking for loose change and valuables.