They jump! they bite! Fleas, know your facts


Fleas. You probably know them. They jump, they bite, they make our pets itchy. When they find their way into our homes, they bite us and make us itchy too. Fall is flea season in most of Canada. Although it is a common misconception that they are summertime pests, infestations in homes actually occur more commonly in the fall.

Another myth is that pets only get fleas from other dogs and cats so if we keep our pets away from other pets, they won’t get fleas. The truth is that most pets likely get infected from the eggs left in lawns, parks and gardens by wildlife.  The eggs hatch outdoors and the newly emerged fleas hop onto our pets. Even if our pets are only outside briefly or never leave the sidewalk, they are still at risk. These pests can also be brought inside to indoor-only pets on our clothes, through screened patio doors and ground level windows.

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They don’t care if your house is clean 

It is also a myth that fleas don’t infest clean homes. The truth is, they don’t care if your house is clean or dirty. They don’t care if you have carpets, hardwood, or tile. These pests are good at finding a place to live. If there is no carpet, they will live under or behind baseboards. Once they find a pet to feed on, they start laying eggs that fall off the pet into your home. Over 2-3 weeks they develop into adult fleas, ready to hop onto a passing dog, cat or even a person.

By the time you realize your pet has fleas, they have likely infested your home. No amount of cleaning or premise spray can get rid of them overnight. Eliminating an infestation means treating your furry pets with a reliable product while allowing the fleas in your home to complete their lifecycle and jump back onto your pet. While treatments can make pets comfortable quickly, eliminating fleas from your home can take weeks to months. If you live in an area of Canada where fleas are prevalent, and your pet is not already receiving flea prevention, speak to your veterinary team. They will give you information about the right option for your pet. While effective options exist to treat fleas and eliminate infestations, preventing fleas is an easier, less stressful option for people and their pets. Talk to your veterinarian about the best way to achieve this with your pet.

SOURCE Canadian Animal Health Institute

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