There Will Be No More Capacity Restriction In Stores Across Quebec, Health Officials Declare


Stores throughout Quebec will no longer be required to enforce capacity limits starting next week, health officials said Wednesday, as the COVID-19 situation has continued to get better in the province.

However, face masks will still be a requirement in indoor spaces.

Starting this coming Monday, the new rule will become effective across Quebec’s stores that fall under the green alert classification. While there won’t be capacity restrictions to worry about, stores across Quebec will still be expected to control traffic and ensure that all customers observe physical distancing.

The physical distancing requirement has been set at 1m and applied to all activities other than signing and gym workouts, the health ministry said via news release Wednesday.

Health officials also said that outdoor and indoor spaces that have a fixed seating arrangement will be required to keep a seat empty between persons from different homes.

With regards to amateur sports activities, at most 100 persons will be allowed at outdoor events, and 50 for indoor games.

Relaxing public measures come after the province had seen a progressive downward trend in infection and hospitalization rates.

By Wednesday, at least 80 percent of all eligible persons have received a single dose, while 39 percent have received both.


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