The truth about fat loss demystified in a 90 min workshop

Finally! THE TRUTH!  Find out how fat loss really works and why we are being misled. Learn the sole requirement for Fat Loss sustainability. Find out why fat is so hard to lose and wha you can do about it! Even if you do not have excess body fat you will learn how to have more energy, vitality, mental clarity and cognition, better sleep, better digestion, better mood, clearer skin and muscle preservation.
In this 90 minute workshop and interactive discussion you will have the opportunity to learn from Fitness and Nutrition Guru, Coach Rob DeBoer who is in Canada on tour educating the masses on how to lose body fat and change you health for good.
The nutrition industry is rampant with misinformation and coach Rob is on a mission to set the record straight. You will learn the facts and be educated and informed. This is why we have deemed it the #thetruthabout tour!! 🙂
Rob is also an expert in the world of the Ketogenic Diet, Ketones and Ketosis and will share valuable information about remaining compliant to your chosen diet, how you can break through plateaus, and how you can improve your performance in all areas of your life.
Whether you are a couch potato or an elite level athlete we guarantee you will walk away from this event feeling empowered and educated. You will leave with education and knowledge to help move your forward on your path to your best self.
***The cost of your ticket will be REIMBURSED TO YOU in one of 3 ways once you check in- CASH, COUPONS, GOODS. You can choose! No catch!*** We do this to ensure attendance and make sure those who RSVP actually are motivated to learn!
See you there! Feel free to share this event and invite anyone you feel may benefit!
Contact the host, Jennifer Morris if you require any assistance. (

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