The Tinordi Situation


by Dustin Kagan Fleming

Jarred Tinordi was drafted 22nd overall back in 2010 by the Habs. The team was clearly hoping for that big powerful defenseman that coaches and GM’s drool over (Tinordi currently stands at 6’6 and weighs in at 230 pounds). Unfortunately, Tinordi has yet to dazzle the team and seems to be filling a roster spot right now simply because he cannot be sent down to the minors without being claimed off of waivers by another team.

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The problem is that Tinordi has not been able to play consistently well when he’s been given the chance to play in the NHL. He’s been solid in the minors but not outstanding and has yet to prove he really deserves a shot with the Canadiens. What’s keeping him afloat right now is the potential that comes with his size. Big defensemen take longer to develop; they are often high risk/high reward prospects because if they don’t develop into strong players, you have most likely wasted a high pick. A perfect example of this is Zdeno Chara, a hulking defenseman who won a Norris and was a top defenseman in the league for years. He was drafted by the Islanders, didn’t really develop there, was traded to Ottawa, took great strides in his game before going to Boston and becoming an absolute star player. Big guys take longer to hit their ceiling, especially defensemen. The question is, is Tinordi just taking time developing or is he never going to hit that ceiling that the Habs had hoped for when drafting him in the first round?

Right now as it stands, apparently teams are calling Marc Bergevin, trying to make a trade. Sources are saying the team could get a 2nd round pick from such a trade. If this is true and the team were to go through with it, the Canadiens would have 3 2nd round picks (Minnesota’s pick also belongs to Montreal) as well as their first for 2016. This gives a lot of trading room without needing to split up the roster at the trade deadline. A first rounder can be very valuable and 3 2nd rounders can make up for a first if the trade is right.

Right now Tinordi is not even getting the chance to play and barring serious injury to 2 defensemen, I don’t see him getting to play above anyone on the depth chart, including the other team’s healthy scratch: Greg Pateryn.  While I don’t want to see Tinordi develop into a dominant defenseman somewhere else when he might still become a solid one for this team, I feel that the defensive logjam of 7 talented guys (plus guys in the minors like Mark Barberio) will stop Tinordi from really developing here. That hurts him and it hurts the team as they could be getting something like a draft pick or prospect for Tinordi instead of having a player eating up a roster spot and not playing. I think the best option would be to pull the trigger on the deal for a second round pick (if it does exist, remember this is rumour not definite fact). It helps the team and gives Tinordi the chance to actually play. As hard as it may be for him, there is not a lot of room at the moment for him to play on the team.

Dustin Kagan Fleming is a Montreal student.‎ An upbringing in the city has left him with a passion and love for hockey and the Canadiens from day 1. To read more of his work, visit his website