The Smile Project


A couple of weeks ago I decided to try “The Smile Project”.  I had known about this project for a few months.  Today was the best day to test it.  The weather was a perfectly sunny comfortable temperature morning in Montreal.  The best kind of day to find my ‘unknowing subjects’.

At this point, you must be wondering what is “The Smile Project”.  To summarize, you find a day which people are outside doing what it is they do.  When you walk or run by them you say, “Good job!” and give them a thumbs up.  In most cases, you will get them to smile.  Some people will say, “Thank you”, and smile too.  The objective is to get people to smile and when people smile, you smile inside!

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When you make people smile, it also makes you feel good. It’s all about the feel-good and the smile.  “The Smile Project” spreads joy in the world, so let’s do it!

I ventured out to test run my “Smile Project”.  I got into my running gear and went for a run.  My first subject was a mail carrier.  As I ran by her I said, “Good Job Emilie!” and gave her a big thumbs up.  She gave me a big smile and hollered, “Thanks, Sue!!!”

I continued along my run.  While on a canopied tree-lined street I noticed an older woman, bent over, and trying to walk using a walker.  It looked as though she was using the walker to help her cope with a recent injury.  I slowed down a bit. As I approached her I said, “You’re doing a great job! Keep it going!”  She raised her head, looked at me with the BIGGEST SMILE ever!  By the way, she won biggest smile of that day!!!

As I continued my run, I was filling up with an amazing good feeling.  I felt really happy.

Ahh, the hills.  I run up hills to get my heart rate up and keep my athletic conditioning prime.  I don’t like it, but I hear a voice in my head saying, good job sue, you can do this, keep it going babycakes.  I encourage myself all the way up the hills.

On the way down the hills, I passed about 4 construction workers on the street.  Each of them got a, “Great Job or Bon Job!” and a thumbs up.  I got smile, smile, smile, smile and “You too!”

As I was crossing a busy intersection I passed a police cadet managing the traffic.  When I passed her I said, “Great Job” with a thumbs up.  She gave me an amazing smile.  She had beautiful young white teeth and a smashing smile.  Two things I can’t believe.  How beautiful she was and how young a police officer she will be.  Which in turn makes me that much old(er).

That’s right.  When the police, firefighters, and doctors are much younger than you, you are old!  Stay tuned, that’s my next article topic.

“The Smile Project” went on all day.  I told everyone I could that they were doing a great job.  Some people also got a thumbs up.  In return, I got all kinds of smiles.  Some with teeth, some without, some with lipstick, some without, some old and some young.  The common denominator was everyone smiled when they were encouraged.

I made them feel good and in turn, I felt good receiving their smiles.  “The Smile Project” worked! The lesson of the day, if you want to make your day great, make someone smile!  If you want to make your day fabulous, make many people smile. Telling someone they are doing a great job is a good place to start.  From my experience, it works very well.

After reading this article you might think that I’m a crazy lady telling complete strangers that they are doing a good job.  I guess I am!  The point of “The Smile Project” is to make people smile and in turn, this will make you happy.  Maybe even happy enough to smile!

Teeth in or out, a smile brightens up every face and spreads joy! Perhaps tomorrow will be the day you will start your very own, “Smile Project!” You know what I have to say about that?  “GOOD JOB!”