The Seaport Farmers’ Market in Halifax Is Now Opened For The Whole Weekend


Ever since the third wave of the pandemic hit Nova Scotia, the Seaport Farmers’ Market in Halifax was closed. Now, the Seaport Farmers’ Market is open for the entire weekend and people have started visited in droves.

Established by royal decree in 1750, this market is the oldest continuously operating farmers’ market in North America. The visitors can check out weekend vendors and purchase various goods. Also, they can now enjoy a waterside view of the harbour on the “cruise brow.”

Market visitor Bimla Rana said that she is overjoyed with the chance to spend some time outside:

“With the pandemic and staying indoors, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air and it’s really nice. It’s just about how you, you know, welcome the change. Because it has been done, and it’s for a reason.”

Rana said that the new market is smaller than the former space. Still, she is pleased with the current situation, enjoying the walk through the market, perusing the wares.

Halifax Port Authority spokesperson Lane Farguson explained why Pavilion 22, often used to usher in cruise ship passengers, was transformed into the home to market vendors:

“Because it’s got that lower ceiling and the exposed brick … it feels really warm and inviting for people when they get there.”

Farguson said the restored market was “very well received” from vendors and the public.

Artist Graham Voss also commented:

“People just need to be aware things are reopening and to come out. There are great vendors here. Have some fun, get outside.”

There are plans for the site’s future expansion, and many predict that this project will begin during the summer.


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