Wine lovers, whiskey aficionados, martini drinkers rejoice! The SAQ is now making home deliveries.

After much pressure from its customers, the SAQ has teamed up with Canadian courier Purolator to deliver your order right to your door. All you need to do is wait for the approximate delivery time of 10 business days to enjoy your purchase – no more waiting in long lineups at SAQ stores.

The offerings of the online store’s “best sellers” have also been increased to better serve the potential demand that opening up this shipping option is expected to generate. The updated selection has been added to the company website.

Shipping fees to support food banks

The $12 delivery fee will be donated in its entirety to Food Banks of Quebec to help with the current shortages that social distancing has caused to their stock.

For more information, visit the SAQ website.


  1. This is not new .SAQ offered home delivery before this. What appears to be new is they switched carriers from Canada Post & they donate the fee to charity. They had a no charge policy for order to your favourite store & if amount was ovr $75.00 no fee but you still had to go there to pick it up. Maybe they could ha e modified this to a drive by deliver to your vehicle service like Canadian Tire has done

  2. This seems inaccurate, based on my most recent order (last week) they deliver to the nearest post office, not to your door. Even says so when you place your order and get a confirmation.


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