Updated November 30th, 2019

I was a little late to the party on this one last year, so for those of you who didn’t get the memo in 2018 – the Ogilvy’s Christmas window display, a holiday fixture at the corner of Ste. Catherine and rue de la Montagne since 1947 has found a new home at the McCord Museum.

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Last year, Holt Renfrew & Co Ltd. and Ogilvy, donated their two displays, The Mill in the Forest and the Enchanted Village, to the museum along with a $50,000 cheque to cover maintenance of the moving toys.

The display is divided into two locations one of which can be found on the corner of Sherbrooke and Victoria and one inside the Museum itself.The Ogilvy's Christmas window has moved to the McCord Museum

The Bavarian scenes, custom made by the German toy manufacturer Steiff, feature dozens of handcrafted animals working and playing. In 1911, the firm began producing mechanical windows featuring moving animals, which stores could rent or purchase to order – an effective way of entertaining children while promoting their merchandise.

Children age 12 and under are admitted free of charge and receive a complimentary treasure hunt activity sheet and a backpack containing interactive materials for The Adventure at the Museum, both available at the Admissions Desk.