The Nature Trust Of New Brunswick Is Celebrating The Conservation Of 4,047 Hectares Of Land


The recent achievement of acquiring 372 hectares on Ross Island at Grand Manan marks a milestone for the land trust’s 34-year history in New Brunswick. Nature Trust CEO Renata Woodward is thankful for all the support that her organization received over the years. She said:

“It feels absolutely amazing, I am just thrilled where the organization is right now.”

The organization manages and protects 69 nature preserves throughout the province. Jessie Davies, past president and current land steward to Pagan Point Nature Preserve in St. Andrews, is pleased with this achievement:

“I think a lot of people looked at their lives and their values and realized that one of the wonderful things about New Brunswick is that we do have all of these beautiful natural areas … that people in many places in the world would just be thrilled to have. Maybe we just appreciate it more now.” “It helps New Brunswick,” said Davies. “[It] isn’t at the top of the list of provinces that have put aside protected areas, but I think there is provincial interest in doing more, so it’s really wonderful to be able to be part of that.”

The CEO Renata Woodwards is stepping down in order to spend her time on a farm, do some consulting work on the side and get a chance to rest.

“I really don’t feel sad,” she said. “I feel so happy that I’m leaving the organization in such good hands and good shape.”


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