The Liberals and the Conservatives race to win the Greater Toronto Area


A new poll suggests that liberals and conservatives will fight a tight battle for the Greater Toronto Area. The Forum Research poll showed that, if the election were held today, 36 percent would vote Liberal and 35 percent say they would vote for the Conservatives.

Most of the women 65 and older support Liberals. This is especially true in the 416 area. Conservative support is strongest among men, those 55-64 and those who live in the 905.

Non-binary and younger voters mostly support NDP.

As it turns out, the vote-rich GTA is considered a key battleground. Political commentator Jim Warren said that whoever wins the Greater Toronto Area will most likely win the elections. He added:

“Toronto is the place where this is going to be won or lost and could determine who the Prime Minister is. I think you’ll see (NDP Leader Jagmeet) Singh focus primarily on the urban ridings in Toronto, going after younger voters and trying to pick off some Liberal seats. And of course, Liberals and Conservatives will be looking to form the next government in the broader GTA, some of the suburban ridings.”

The parties have 36 days to convince voters that they are the right choice and score victory. It remains to be seen how the events in the area will unfold.


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