The ins and outs of obtaining a drivers license in QC



At the moment, Canada has been listed as the tenth-largest producer of cars in the world. Thousands of Canadians and new residents undergo a graduated licensing programs to get a valid driving license. Each province in Canada has the responsibility of conducting and regulating the licensing programs to ensure and maintain an effective learning process. Getting a driving license within all the provinces in Canada may seem complicated but in real sense it is the best criteria to ensure safety in the roads.

Montreal is Canada’s largest city in Quebec. To get authorization of driving any vehicle in Quebec, an individual must have a legally earned driver’s license that bears the particular class for the kind of vehicle that he or she will have been authorized to drive.

A vision examination is involved in the gradual steps of obtaining a Quebec driver’s license. In the case that you are in doubt of the condition of your eyes, you can first book an appointment with a doctor and get the appropriate assistance before undergoing the vision examination.


Any individual that wishes to apply for a driver’s license in Quebec must be at least sixteen years of age. All the persons that are not eighteen years old yet must seek consent from their parent or guardian and present a written document to prove that the permission has been granted to them before being allowed to proceed with any SAAQ driving tests.

You must register for an approved driver’s license course in Quebec to gain the practical experience and knowledge that will be essential in the taking of the Graduated Driver’s Licensing Program. Taking the driving license classes does not necessarily mean taking any ordinary course but a course that has been approved by the AQTR. There is significant number of approved driver’s courses in Quebec. You can always find them online and get the best packages that suit your daily schedule.

For the applicants to qualify for a valid driver’s license, it is mandatory to visit the SAAQ service center to fill out the application form and complete the payment of the learner’s license fee, which is approximately fourteen dollars.

Proof of Identity

An applicant must have a minimum of two ways to verify their identity. They include legal supporting documents that prove their signature, photo, date of birth and their valid name. Other accepted supporting documents might include birth certificates, school IDs and passports that can be verified by the SAAQ officials. They also have to provide their health insurance or any other document that will prove their eligibility to drive a vehicle.


The application of a learner’s permit is the first and primary process for any new driver. For the minors that are not eighteen years of age yet, they must be presented to the SAAQ service center with their parents or legal guardian. After passing the vision examination test, fee payments process and verification of documents, they will be given a learner’s license to drive around Quebec. It is important to note that there will be various restrictions and conditions that must be adhered to while driving with a learner’s license.

Knowledge Test

        After holding your learner’s license for a minimum of ten months, you will now have the go-ahead to take the SAAQ test. It is mandatory to pass the test before proceeding to the next level. It is always vital to prepare and practice before taking the actual test. The SAAQ test practice has been instrumental to the success of a significant number of drivers in Quebec. You can always take the practice test until you feel confident and ready enough to take the actual test.

A fee of ten dollars is a mandatory requirement for the SAAQ test.

Road Test

After completing twelve months of using the learner’s license, you will be eligible to take the SAAQ road test. You are required to book an appointment to ensure that all the road tests are prepared early enough for a smooth and efficient process.

Final Steps

In the case that you pass the road test, you will earn a provisional driver’s license. Holding this license will only attract minimal restrictions driving around Quebec.

After two years of holding the provisional driver’s license, you will now be qualified for a regular driver’s license. In most cases, this driver’s license is referred to the Class 5 driver’s license.


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