The Green Stop Redefines Public Water Fountains


You are running late to get your kids to the baseball diamond or the soccer field. You packed their snacks, gear, and even picked up the carpool, but you forgot their reusable water bottle at home. Life is so busy, and when often forget stuff. We are then forced to take a decision – hope that there are clean and working water fountains at the park for your kid, or stop at the store and buy single-use plastic water bottles. You feel terrible since you know it’s bad for the environment, but your kid needs to drink water – it’s a matter of public safety.

The Green Stop is here to help, by improving and redefining the public water fountains in outdoor spaces. We are your one-stop shop refill station in outdoor spaces – starting with drinking water. Their mission is to eliminate or reduce the need for single-use plastics when you are on-the-go outdoors.

This summer we are launching our first prototypes at Osheaga Music Festival, for 3-days to validate the concept and design. Festivals are a great place to test these stations since they are temporary and can have a huge impact. With our 24 taps, we can save at least 60,000 bottles from entering the waste/recycling stream – which we all know is in crisis right now with its 9% global recycling success rate. But let’s imagine an even greater experience -a vending machine where you can buy a reusable bottle and cutlery, and maybe even sunscreen. They can be placed during large events, or even stay all summer for public use.

The founder of The Green Stop is a Montreal native, and a McGill University graduate that has worked in ocean protection with reputable organizations such as Sylvia Earle AllianceScripps Institution of Oceanography, and more recently ocean plastics with eXXpedition and The 5 Gyres Institute. The company is also backed by Futurpreneur and also a recent graduate of the Founder Institute’s Montreal 2019 cohort.

Support the campaign today at LaRuche Quebec:

She is raising $25,000 to design, build, and execute the summer trials.

Interested in volunteering or donating some time to the start-up? Contact


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