The Future of Food – 2019 and Beyond…


By Nevine  El-Chibini

World population is expected to reach 9 billion by the year 2050 requiring 50% more food supplies.

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This growth will require us to shift to food strategies requiring less land and water and resulting in less waste.

The food of the future will likely come in the form of weeds, plants, insects and lab-grown meat.

Crickets are a rich source of protein and micronutrients requiring small spaces to reproduce. Edible insects like crickets are already in use to make high protein powders that will be included in baked goods, smoothies and energy bars.

Algae will be used to generate unsaturated oils with a high smoke point and will replace palm oil.

Super grains like “Kernza” will substitute wheat as the new resilient crop.

Lab-grown meat engineered from animal cells and vegetable and bean-based burgers will overtake the markets.

Knowing this information can help us to make more conscious and healthful decisions today.

Health tip:   Bean, beet and other vegetable-based burgers can be nutritious and delicious. Eating more plant-based meals a few times per week can help our health and our planet.