The Federal And Provincial Governments Spend $10M On P.E.I. Jail Upgrade


The women’s unit of the Provincial Correctional Centre in Miltonvale, P.E.I. is going to be upgraded thanks to a recent donation made by federal and provincial governments. They spent $10M on the project.

Right now, the construction of a new 22-cell secure housing area is underway. Both governments saw it necessary to perform this upgrade as the Provincial Correctional Centre in Miltonvale, P.E.I. is 40 years old and houses both men and women.

The upgrades include additional support spaces, improved kitchen and staff facilities, and a new health services area.

The jail’s acting manager, Brooke Mitchell, stated:

“Some women who have children have lost their children to care so they do have a lot of unique needs and any of the programs and services that we have would focus on that.”

Of the $10M invested in this project, $8M came from the federal government while the rest was secured by the P.E.I. government.

Natalie Jameson, P.E.I.’s minister responsible for the status of women, stated that the jail needs to accommodate the needs of everyone present there. She added:

“How we support these women will absolutely influence how successful their healing can be. It is encouraging to see that the decisions that have gone into this significant capital project have had women and their needs in mind.”


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