The Electric Car Then & Now. Part 1


by Eran Dahan

In 1887, a Serbian by the name of Nikola Tesla introduces the A/C Induction Motor to the world. Up until this point, the D/C Motor had reigned supreme but this new induction motor had benefits that couldn’t be ignored. It had no moving parts which resulted in little to no wear and tear, it had higher voltage, increasing its capabilities and best of all, A/C electricity was easier to generate. Benefits Edison should have paid more attention to when Tesla was in his employ.


So what happened? How did the combustion engine beat the A/C Motor to the automobile punch? Well, the A/C motor was missing one major thing when it came to building a formidable electric car; batteries. Sure they existed, but none powerful enough to carry an electric car as far as a one powered by the world’s most valuable liquid.


Enter the lithium-ion battery, the dominant technology of today’s EV. Due to its density, safety in cold temperature and low acidity, lithium-ion batteries gave us the edge we needed in order to propel electric automobiles into the future.


As far as the A/C motor goes, you’re more familiar with it than you think. Your house and nearly every building you’ve visited is likely powered with alternating current, the world’s preferred choice.


Eran Dahan, A.K.A Mr. BMW is a client adviser at BMW Canbec with a specialty in electric cars. Being a small business owner himself, Eran has a unique appreciation for customer satisfaction.”Considering an Electric car? Stay tuned for more posts by your friendly neighbourhood Mr. BMW.


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