The Crypto-Politics Era is Here-Cryptocurrencies Question May be Unavoidable in Future Politics


El Salvador’s official adoption of bitcoin as a legal tender is a historic phenomenon that spearheads the entrance of cryptocurrencies in the partisan political arena.

In Canada, the issue of cryptocurrency has not been brought to the federal level, but crypto topics have been raised in some cities and regions of Canada.

For instance, in 2019, Alberta conservative Premier pointed how the province could utilize its vast energy resources to complement bitcoin mining.

Kenny’s view created a difference in the way politicians view crypto at comfort level discussion. His remarks were important, and he led up to the election time.

Today, the crypto industry is getting bigger and more assertive. In future elections, politicians might not evade the crypto question.

In the US, a crypto-focused political action committee (HODLpac) that raises money for election matters has seen its followers on Twitter double and more inquiries about donations.

In Canada, Toronto and Vancouver are arguably the two cornerstones of cryptocurrency space. Ethereum and Binance trading platforms Canada was the home to the world’s first bitcoin ATM. It also has the second-highest such installations after the US.

However, cryptocurrency is still being buttered by regulatory issues. For instance, in Alberta, a miner was recently ordered to shut down after a resident complained about the noise level.

In Ontario, the security commission is cracking down on crypto trading platforms. For instance, Binance, Litecoin among other crypto platforms, have ceased operating in the province.


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