The City Of Beaconsfield Clears Up Elm Ave. Bike Path


The city of Beaconsfield has decided to conduct a pilot project by clearing a major bike path of snow and ice in the middle of February. Despite significant snowfall and harsh weather conditions, the city has decided to keep the bike track open. After clearing the city streets and avenues, the city removed the snow from the bike track as well.

Mayor Georges Bourelle said that he wants to offer his citizens outdoor activities like cross country skiing and cycling.

He added:

“That’s the process we’ve been following and so far it seems people are quite happy. “We’ve had requests every year to open up that bike path. We did not do it before because the layer of asphalt upon the path is very thin and the wear-and-tear from using our equipment would mean we’d have to repave it more often than not.”

The Montreal agglomeration has built the bike path in 2016, but it’s the city’s responsibility to keep it operational and clean.

Bourelle added:

“It was built by the agglomeration and we benefited. It’s part of the bike path throughout the Island of Montreal. This year, with COVID, and people looking for things to do outside, we felt opening it up would be the right thing to do and give people a chance to use the bike path. As a pilot project, we want to see the usage. Also, we’ll want to see at the end of winter if we have damaged the path by removing snow. We’ll evaluate at the point if we’ll continue to do this in future winters.”


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