The Canadian Armed Forces Are Brought To Run COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic At Halifax Convention Centre


In order to aid the locals to deal with the massive influx of Moderna COVID-19 doses, the Canadian Armed Forces have been called to run an additional vaccine clinic in Nova Scotia. In the next few weeks, the province is expected to receive 400, 000 doses. This is a lot more than any other batch of vaccines in the past.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair has posted on Twitter:

“We will do whatever it takes- for as long as it takes to ensure all Canadians are protected against COVID-19. As a result of a massive increase in incoming vaccine supply to Nova Scotia, we have approved a request from the Nova Scotia government for Canadian Forces assistance with vaccine administration in NS. Canadian Forces will operate an additional vaccine clinic in N.S. with the capacity to administer 500-1000 doses per day until such time that Red Cross Canada personnel can take over operation of the new clinic.”

The army has just finished its own vaccine campaign in Nova Scotia. Shots were administered to about 12,000 service personnel. About 25 military personnel, health professionals included, will run the clinic until the Red Cross arrives to take over the operation in Nova Scotia.


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