The Cambridge seniors residence in Pointe-Claire latest to be walloped by COVID


The Cambridge in Pointe-Claire is next in the long lineup of seniors facilities to be struck by the COVID-19 virus. On December 25, at 9:20 pm, residents were advised that 62 residents have the virus and two are deceased.

Residents are required to stay inside their units with only one caregiver authorized to visit each day. The facility has 530 units with a mixed-use; residence for seniors, retirement homes with care, and assisted living and private seniors residences.







31 deaths at CHSLD Herron Nursing Home


  1. Hello Rhonda, Is there any way you can find out what the cause was of the outbreak of covid at the Cambridge in December? I have heard a rumour that the Cambridge decided to open its dining room for a pre Christmas dinner. One person had covid and 62 residents contracted the virus…and now 3 are dead.
    If this is so, did the Cambridge have permission from the government to open what is essentially a restaurant. If not, will the residence be charged? And if so, how much? $1500 per person? Could this then be a legal case against the residence for putting the residents in danger and causing suffering and death?
    Can you let me know about this?
    Thank you!
    Robin Michetti
    Pointe Claire


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