The Bread Basket takes action against food insecurity on the West Island


The Bread Basket is hosting a Food Security Forum, gathering those working in food assistance to discuss the growing problem of food insecurity and hunger on the West Island on March 27.

“The idea is for 120 key players in food security to get together to brain storm in an effort to find solutions,” Lucy Baum, Executive Director of The Bread Basket told The Suburban in an interview, “after the forum, we will compile and analyse the information to come up with an action plan for the future.”

A recent survey was put out to members of food provisional services who are involved in main or secondary food supply to gather information to help understand the landscape of food security on the West Island.

“Food insecurity is becoming a real problem,” Baum explained, “things like proximity to grocery stores play a role in whether people can get to their food source.  People today are spending a good portion of their income on rent and hydro leaving little for food, that is a growing reality.”

To combat the problem of food insecurity, the Bread Basket works collaboratively and in partnership with municipalities, community organizations and the business community to reach those in need and to foster innovative and effective solutions.

According to Baum, The Bread Basket believes in the capacity of people to organize themselves and to improve their situations. Its activities are designed to be instructive and to support and empower participants to improve their food security situation.

Bread Basket Lac-St-Louis runs community kitchens in several locations on the West Island at a cost of $2.00 participation fee. A qualified animator will leads participants in creating up to three nutritional and budget-conscious meals. They plan for an additional portions of each meal to take home and encourage participants to bring containers with them.

To volunteer of make a donation please contact Lucy at 514-694-5850.




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