The Body Shop: Canada Close To Banning Cosmetic Animal Testing


On Friday, April 12, 2019, Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu brought forward Bill S-214, the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, for First Reading. This is a significant step towards ending the sale and manufacture of animal tested cosmetics in Canada. The Body Shop Canada and its partner Cruelty-Free International have been working closely with Cosmetics Alliance Canada, MP Gladu, and the Minister of Health’s Office on this legislation for over a year.

“We are pleased to see Bill S-214 introduced in the House of Commons,” said Toby Milton, General Manager, The Body Shop Canada. “We hope all political parties will support this legislation. Canada is closer than ever to finally achieving a ban on the sale and manufacture of animal tested cosmetics.”

“Ending animal testing is consistent with international precedent and would align Canada with the European Union, one of the world’s largest cosmetics markets,” said Monica Engebretson, North American Campaign Manager, Cruelty-Free International.

The Body Shop Canada, Cruelty-Free International and Cosmetics Alliance Canada have been working together on amendments to address some concerns with the phrasing of Bill S-214, while maintaining its intent. This collaboration represents the leading organizations opposed to cosmetic animal testing and the Canadian cosmetics industry.

The Body Shop launched a campaign in 2017 to end the sale and manufacture of animal tested cosmetics in Canada. This campaign has brought awareness to millions of Canadians about the need to ban cosmetic animal testing through local events, marches, and grassroots activism. Last year The Body Shop collected over 700,000 signatures from Canadians opposed to cosmetic animal testing – the largest petition in 70 years. Never one to shy away from activism, The Body Shop proudly coordinated a Pet March, and travelled to Parliament to hand-deliver the petition.

Milton said, “Thanks to the dedication of our customers, store teams and MPs from all political parties, Canada is closer than ever to bringing our cosmetic industry in line with other jurisdictions. The Body Shop is proud to be at the forefront of this initiative.”

In 1989, The Body Shop became the first international beauty brand to campaign against the practice of animal testing in cosmetics. In partnership with Cruelty-Free International, this action led the way to a European Union-wide ban on animal testing in 2013.

Founded in 1976 in Brighton, England, by Dame Anita Roddick, The Body Shop is a global beauty brand. The Body Shop seeks to make a positive difference in the world by offering high quality, naturally inspired skin care, body care, hair care and make-up produced ethically and sustainably. Having pioneered the philosophy that business can be a force for good, this ethos is still the brand’s driving force.  The Body Shop spans 3,000 retail locations in 66 countries. Along with Aesop and Natura, The Body Shop is part of Natura & Co, a global, multi-channel and multi-brand cosmetics group that is committed to generating positive economic, social and environmental impact.

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