You need to have coffee at these three Pointe-Claire cafés


The best coffee places in Pointe-Claire (according to us)

Coffee is more than just coffee on the West Island. Who doesn’t want to know about the coffee shops near us.  The perfect cup of joe is an art. We love our java and the niche boutique cafés that get it just right. So where do we go for the BEST coffee in the West Island, particularly Pointe-Claire?  Here are our top three picks:

1Victor Rose Espresso Bar

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Mother-daughter duo, Marie and Terry have things figured out. Quaint decor and friendly staff are perfectly matched with fair trade coffee. Not a ton of seating but what is available is highlighted by the glass storefront making this a perfect choice to watch the world go by no matter the weather.

I like to use local coffee shops as a place to work. As a solo entrepreneur, all three of my coffee shops are perfect for grabbing a coffee, working on my laptop and visiting with others of the same mindset.  There are seats available both in the front and the back of the establishment on sunny days.

15C Avenue Cartier
Pointe-Claire, Quebec
(514) 447-2711




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