The beginner’s guide to vaping


The beginner’s guide to vaping

Although I started vaping many years ago, I have never forgotten how confusing it was when I decided to quit smoking and start vaping. In this article I will try to answer the most common questions that smokers have when they want to give up this damaging vice and make the transition to the electronic cigarette. You can click here and see how you can choose the best organic e-liquid.

Is vaping cheaper than smoking?

I know you probably want a different answer than “it depends”, but the cost varies depending on several factors. Flawless Vape vaping is certainly much cheaper in the long run. It is true that the initial investment in the device may cost more. However, given that a person who smokes a cigarette pack every day spends, even more, the price of an electronic cigarette does not seem so high.

The good part is that the initial investment is it is done once. After that, you will only have to buy supplies (electronic cigarette liquid and atomizer resistant) which, depending on how much you’re vaping, costs you somewhere between under 100 dollars a month. If it’s time for a refill you can purchase JUUL Pods available at 180 Smoke. Compared to how much money you spend on regular cigarettes, we can draw the conclusion, without exaggeration, that vaping is significantly cheaper than smoking.

What happens if I use the electronic cigarette but continue to smoke and classic cigarettes?

Of course, most recommend is to quit smoking completely, but some are harder to break. But what you need to know is that you will not do get a “nicotine overdose”, as some who do not know what the electronic cigarette is and how it works. When you start to water your nicotine needs to adapt, you will begin to smoke less and less classic cigarettes. For example, I smoked and drank for a while. Since the first week when I started using the electronic cigarette, I reduced the classic cigarettes from a pack a day to half a pack. After a month I had already reached 5 cigarettes a day, and in three months I managed to quit smoking completely. In short, listen to your body as he knows best!

Where can I use the electronic cigarette?

Many countries place the sign of equivalence between vaping and smoking, and this is reflected in the way they are regulated. Fortunately, in some countries you can use the electronic cigarette anywhere except for public transport and playgrounds for children. Of course, besides the restrictions of the law, there are also restrictions on everyone’s common sense. More specifically, if you are in the office or visiting, and vaping is bothering others, that does not mean you have to ignore their preferences and turn into a steam locomotive.

How safe is the electronic cigarette compared to smoking?

In spite of the negative image of the electronic cigarette in the media and the press, in which articles are written, most of the big trusts being bought by the major tobacco companies, there is still no scientific study to provide concrete evidence that vaping is as dangerous as smoking. On the contrary, most of the studies conducted so far in Europe, especially in the UK (which is the country that has embraced the most), concluded that the electronic cigarette is 95% less harmful than smoking. Check this out.

They use evidence from short and medium-term clinical trials. Although short-term evidence is only to a certain extent conclusive, most scientific studies conducted so far have shown that the electronic cigarette is far less harmful to the body than smoking.

But, unfortunately, the results obtained so far have been misinterpreted by the mass media and media trusts who support the economic interests of major tobacco manufacturers. For example, a recent study on the impact of electronic cigarettes on DNA has been communicated to the general public as evidence that “vaping causes cancer”, although it is totally untrue, the results of the study being mistakenly interpreted as a comparison between vaping and smoking.

The way the DNA is affected by electronic cigarette vapors is a matter of utmost importance. It has the potential to inform us about the risks caused by vaping compared to smoking, and at the same time to broaden our knowledge horizon in terms of changes in the DNA. Therefore, it is crucial to have access to reliable evidence about the effects of electronic cigarettes on human DNA.


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