The 9 Top Life hacks of Successful Bankers


by Lori Wade

Being a banker is not easy as it usually does not allow people to spend enough time with their family and even themselves. Having to spend most of their day prospecting customers and attending to customers’ needs, bankers should come up with tweaks that can help them achieve their daily objectives effectively and still have ample time to spend with friends and family. This is necessary to be successful in the world of banking and easy to implement.

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Lifehack to help bankers

  • Wake up early: It’s no secret that the work of bankers take up almost all their time and energy and they (bankers) can’t help but fall into a deep sleep when they get back home only to wake and repeat the cycle the next day. But waking up early can help bankers as it gives them ample time and brain space to sort and order their work for the day to achieve results.

  • Write down an itinerary: Stressful right? But with the overwhelming work of the banking industry, it is quite common to have bankers forgetting an appointment or task. So bankers should develop the skill of writing down what they plan to do for the day and ticking them off whenever they are completed. Also, whenever a customer gives them a task to do impromptu, it should also be written down. They should have reminders all around them.

  • Take any available opportunity: As a banker, there is not enough time to wait and think things through before making decisions. So taking calculated risks in a bit to achieve any set target is a very welcome idea. Sometimes bankers do not need to wait to speak to a boss and deliberate on opportunities before going for them. So it’s best they have the uncanny skill of being able to make wise decisions under pressure.

  • Exercise: They may not have enough time to any other thing apart from work, but to be candid, it is best they spare some time for a workout. Their work usually involves them sitting in a place. Also, workout opens up the mind.

  • Build relationships: An excellent banker should be able to build relationships both in and out of the workplace. These relationships help them achieve targets easier and faster. Think about it this way, having friends in the workplace to help out with work and also having customers who can give referrals to get in more customers makes the job easier.

  • Keep learning and training: Bankers should be able to build the habit of learning and training in new skills both relevant to the job and not. If a banker would like to progress or get new appointments, their skill level has to keep developing.

  • Get help: A good banker should be able to separate his work schedule and have people help him with petty jobs to free up more space to do good work.

  • Have fun and rest during weekends: It shouldn’t be all work every time for bankers. Time should be created to have fun also, so they don’t get grumpy and unproductive later on.

  • Give time to each task: The need to allow a specific time frame to every task cannot be over flogged as it helps bankers to be meticulously better at their work.


Don’t forget being a banker is not an easy job to take on because it is multifaceted just like quora suggests. There are quite some tips and tweaks that bankers should put into practice to be more effective and build better and stronger business partnerships. If these are effectively implemented, work is less stressful and more fulfilling.

If you find some of the points above correct and have worked in the bank before, feel free to share some of your personal life hacks!

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