Thanksgiving Tourism Boosts Simcoe Muskoka Economy Amid Economic Volatility


As the night air grows crisper and shades of red, orange, and yellow paint the surroundings, families traverse the breadth and length of the country to converge for the traditional Thanksgiving long weekend. The picturesque locales of Simcoe Muskoka are currently brimming with tourists, injecting a fresh vigour into the area’s economy.

Despite the shadow of inflation and economic volatility looming over Canada this year and leaving a visible dent in the wallets of many, local businesses seem to be reveling in a substantial upswing in revenue.

Among the thriving establishments is Fern Resort, where the breathtaking beauty of autumn is matchlessly intertwined with an exceptional blend of indoor-outdoor activities and a delectable dining experience. Mark Downing, the Vice President, spoke fondly of their commitment to curate an enticing experience based on the best of what each season holds. According to him, the hundred-room resort is operating at maximum capacity during the Thanksgiving extended weekend.

A similar sentiment of gratification echoes from the vicinity of Muskoka Wharf, where business growth has seen a noteworthy spike in correspondence with increased tourist footfall. Jordan Waines, the Assistant General Manager for Muskoka Steamships, reveled in the sight of packed buses and eager crowds who have flocked to absorb the mesmerizing allure of fall foliage in Muskoka. Waines also mentioned the popularity of their cruises in Gravenhurst, with approximately 25,000 people joining their voyages each summer, and the final cruises of the year all set to embark on the coming Monday.

The surge in local tourism, fostered by the desire to find refuge in the idyllic surroundings during these challenging times, paints a glimmering ray of hope amid the shadows of economic uncertainty. It is a testament to the resilience of Simcoe Muskoka and its residents, who continue to provide unforgettable experiences to the visiting families and revelers during this Thanksgiving weekend.


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