Thanksgiving Boosts Tourism and Revives Local Economy in Simcoe Muskoka


As the Thanksgiving weekend unravels, an unprecedented surge in tourism is palpable across the communities of Simcoe Muskoka, turning it into a bustling hub of families congregating to celebrate the cherished occasion. Irrespective of the pervasive inflation and looming economic uncertainty that has plagued countless Canadians this year, demoralizing their financial morale, local enterprises articulate a contrary sentiment. The year’s economic travails have surprisingly not hindered a notable augmentation in their revenue streams, suggesting a resilient local economy.

Fern Resort, with its philosophy of amalgamating the choicest outdoor activities that the season offers into a unique experience centered around exceptional culinary offerings, provides a diverse range of indoor and outdoor activities. As per Mark Downing, the vice president of this bustling, 100-room establishment, they are delighted to announce full occupancy over the course of the long Thanksgiving weekend.

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Simultaneously, businesses around Muskoka Wharf are reporting a substantial upswing in tourism. The Assistant General Manager of Muskoka Steamships, Jordan Waines, affirms this increase. He mentions the great numbers of visitors thronging the area to appreciate the autumnal foliage in Muskoka. According to Waines, their close-to-home tourism model, enabling tourists to experience the region’s stunning beauty from the waterfront, has seen significant traction.

Waines also revels in the fact that every summer, their cruises in Gravenhurst play host to over 25,000 visitors, with the year’s final cruises scheduled for the upcoming Monday. This Thanksgiving, it seems that the challenges of the year have failed to dampen the spirit of travel and exploration amongst Canadians as they flock to Simcoe Muskoka, revitalizing the local economy and businesses. Moreover, this trend seems to strongly suggest a future where close-to-home tourism may become an enduring part of their holiday traditions.