Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar Unharmed After Terrifying Capitol-Area Carjacking


In a nightmarish incident recently, Henry Cuellar, the United States Representative from Texas, fell victim to a carjacking near the Capitol, less than one mile from his workplace. Despite the upheaval that occurred on the previous night, Cuellar resumed his official duties the following day in a testament to his indomitable spirit.

Recounting the dreadful episode, Cuellar professed that the barefaced assailants appeared out of the blue, pointing their weapons in his direction without a shred of hesitancy. His narrative echoed a chilling scenario, “one assailant in front, another on the side, and a third lurking behind me. And they all wanted one thing – my car.”

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Drawing upon his instincts to stay composed under extreme duress, Cuellar surrendered his vehicle without resistance, an act that perhaps saved him from harm. The armed robbers sped off, leaving him unharmed but understandably shaken.

In a formal address, Jacob Hochberg, Cuellar’s chief of staff, confirmed the incident that unfolded on that unsettling night. He assured the public that the congressman survived the encounter unscathed and is actively contributing to the ongoing investigation by local law enforcement agencies.

The incident involving Cuellar was the second onslaught member of Congress had faced in the District of Columbia this year. Earlier in February, Rep. Angie Craig of Minnesota was the victim of an unprovoked attack in her apartment complex that left her bruised but largely unharmed. Assessing the earlier incident, the chief of staff to Rep. Craig concluded that the assault seemed devoid of any political motives.

Showing immense gratitude towards the U.S. Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police Department, Cuellar underlined his strong advocacy for law enforcement in his message of appreciation: “The message is straightforward — unwavering support for our law enforcement agencies is crucial.”

Reflecting on the disheartening event, Cuellar noted that while the culprits concealed their faces, he was still able to discern their youth.