Tesla Breaks Ground on Las Vegas Gigafactory for Renewable Energy Innovation


As the sun kissed the Pacific rim, a formidable display of innovation took center stage amidst Las Vegas’ glowing skyline. Tesla Motors had once again proven that electric cars are more than an environmental niche, as they broke ground on their new Gigafactory outside Las Vegas, promising thousands of jobs and new economic opportunities for Nevada’s residents.

The ground-breaking Megastructure, projected to cover 10 million square feet by 2020, will not only manufacture all the battery cells for Tesla’s future fleet but will also serve as a global beacon for renewable energy. According to Tesla Motors, the Gigafactory will run entirely on solar, wind and geothermal energy, marking it as the most sustainable factory in the world.

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While the Gigafactory cannot solve all of our environmental woes, it certainly underscores the magnitude of technological advancements being made in the world of electric vehicles. As Tesla Motors continues to redefine the parameters of sustainable manufacturing and transportation, the eyes of the global community rest eagerly upon the ongoing developments in Las Vegas.

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