Tesla Announces Fourth Cybertruck Recall Amid Safety Concerns


In an unfortunate bout of déjà vu, Tesla is orchestrating its fourth recall of the avant-garde Cybertruck pickup in the United States due to the persisting issues concerning trim pieces becoming detached and front windshield wipers malfunctioning.

The robust, stainless steel Cybertruck, first made available to the public on November 30, has been center stage in the recall theatre four times already. The pitfalls of this bold venture into the automotive future continue to nag Tesla, as two new recalls – each affecting an excess of 11,000 trucks – were made public on Tuesday, via documents posted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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The consistent recalls underscore a distressing pattern in the American electric vehicle manufacturer’s approach to quality assurance. The documents detail potentially dangerous problems that appear to have escaped detection during the production process.

The issue with the front windshield wiper derives from a motor controller that can be overwhelmed by the excess electrical current, resulting in failure. A malfunctioning wiper can severely limit visibility, thereby amplifying the risk of vehicular collisions. Thankfully, the Austin-based company has, as yet, received no reports of accidents or injuries attributable to the problem.

In a move to mitigate this risk, Tesla has taken a proactive stance by pledging to replace the faulty wiper motors free of charge. Owners of the affected vehicles can expect to receive notification letters on the 18th of August.

The second recall pertains to a trim piece installed along the truck bed, which, due to the potential absence of a proper adhesive application at the factory, can come loose and become airborne risking hazard to other road users. The solution, as per Tesla, is simple: either replace or adequately reinforce the trim piece. As with the wiper motor dilemma, vehicle owners will be advised of the issue via letters scheduled to be sent out on August 18.