Terry Fox’s Brother Leads 43rd Annual Run Honouring Cancer Legacy


Amid the verdant landscape of Assiniboine Park, hundreds of energetic runners and walkers embarked on the 43rd annual Terry Fox Run. Leading this legion of fitness enthusiasts was none other than Terry Fox’s brother, Fred Fox. Born and raised in Winnipeg alongside Terry, this Sunday marked Fred’s inaugural participation in the city’s tribute to his brother’s enduring legacy.

Fred fondly recalls the moment when Terry, his younger brother, resolved to traverse the breadth of Canada. The goal? To raise essential funds for cancer research. Terry was a man of action; when he set his mind to a task, he invariably saw it through. Thus, his announcement did not particularly surprise Fred. Their family matriarch, on the other hand, found Terry’s ambitious plan somewhat startling. She initially suggested a less daunting course – merely running through B.C. Unyielding, Terry responded, ‘Mom, not only people in B.C. get cancer. People right across the country do. I have to run across Canada.’

Terry set forth on his epic Marathon of Hope on April 12, 1980. His journey began on the Atlantic coast and spanned an impressive 5,373 kilometers before a cancer recurrence compelled him to halt in the city of Thunder Bay. His valiant struggle ended on June 28, 1981.

In the forty-plus years following the inaugural Marathon of Hope, Terry’s memory has spurred an unimaginable movement, in the words of Fred Fox. He reflected, ‘He’d be amazed, he’d be so proud. The ethos Terry held – ‘Even if I don’t finish, we need others to continue. It’s got to keep going without me.’ And Canadians have embraced that rallying call.’

Winnipeg’s Mayor Scott Gillingham expressed a sense of pride as the city welcomed another chapter of the Terry Fox Run. In his view, Winnipeg bears a special regard for Terry Fox, as evident by the swarm of children participating in the event, underscoring how Terry’s legacy continues to galvanize people nation-wide.

Sachin Katyal, a renowned senior scientist at the Paul Albrechtsen Research Institute with CancerCare Manitoba, credits Terry’s legacy with affecting a significant shift in cancer research. According to Katyal, advancements in the field have been monumental, greatly enhancing patients’ lives both in the past, the present, and for generations yet to come.

The Terry Fox Foundation’s efforts have culminated in the collection of over $850 million towards cancer research so far. Terry’s message of hope is perpetuated by the hundreds of runners who pick up the baton from where he left it four decades ago.

This year’s Terry Fox Run is themed ‘Dear Terry’, an homage to the avalanche of letters Terry received in the aftermath of the first Marathon of Hope. The Foundation invites everyone to convey how Terry’s enduring legacy has touched their lives by penning their own ‘Dear Terry’ letters available on their website. Thus, through this annual event, the spirit of Terry Fox continues to motivate, inspire and unite communities across the nation.


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