Ten Soul Sucking Thoughts at Jobs We Hate


By: Shari Reinhart

You know the job you’re in is stealing your spirit and sucking your soul dry when…

The 50 hour work week stuck in the office while your boss is on his 50 foot yacht in the Fiji islands feels like a 500 hour week.

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  • You cringe when you’re told what to do, how to do it and when to do it
  • You can’t shut up; you’re always challenging management
  • Your creativity is stifled
  • You feel underpaid and underappreciated/ you ARE underpaid and underappreciated
  • You’ve been fired often or quit before they can let you go
  • The thought of sitting in a cubicle, answering a phone another day is eating you alive.
  • You break the rules because you know there’s a better way to get things done
  • You resent taking on the work of 4 people without a pay increase since 2008
  • You want to give your boss the finger when your ideas and opinions are ignored

Change the way you think about the job or find something you look forward to doing outside of work before you have a breakdown or heart trouble.

For more joy in your life do the hard thing – change your mindset. If that doesn’t kick your happiness factor into gear do the risky thing – change your job or quit for a life of entrepreneurship.